George C. Stiehl (G.C.Stiehl) draws upon a creative entrepreneurial spirit to develop, launch and promote brands, products and services utilizing print, online, a/v and new media environments. Mr. Stiehl has produced dynamic immersive content for fortune 500 companies including Disney, Universal, Sony, UMG, Virgin, Puma and Mattel. As an industry veteran, Mr. Stiehl specializes in engaging content & start-up development.
Mr. Stiehl serves as Executive Producer & CXO for Citizen LA & Ear Jelly: two lifestyle media brands seeking to empower creative visionaries and social innovators via new media content, news coverage and event production. Content centers on the Music, Arts, Fashion and Travel Industries. Websites: &
As Executive Producer of Ferrvor, Mr. Stiehl executes the creative development for a progressive men’s magazine targeting the luxury fashion market. Website:
As Founder of Viñedo, Mr. Stiehl focuses on the burgeoning Mexican Wine market by publishing an online destination that caters to enotourism and the wineries that are redefining the Latin-American wine industry. Website:
Mr. Stiehl has served as Partner & Creative Director for Subculture Interactive where he co-developed EHAB: a turn-key enterprise solution for producing, distributing and managing online content. While at Subculture, he produced marketing campaigns for music and entertainment clients.
At Universal Studios, Mr. Stiehl developed content and marketing campaigns for Universal Studios properties. While at Universal, he worked closely with Universal Pictures and Universal Theme Parks to produce online content for properties, such as: Universal Hollywood, Universal Orlando, Universal CityWalk, Spiderman, Hulk, Mummy, Shrek, Sponge Bob and Halloween Horror Nights.
Mr. Stiehl joined The Walt Disney Company, where he developed interactive online content and edutainment environments for Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Living Seas Marine Park and Disney Feature Animation, including properties such as Tarzan, Toy Story, Dinosaurs and Fantasia 2000. While at Disney, Mr. Stiehl also developed convergence content for a live-action/animated television hybrid, utilizing to drive Disney Channel programming.
Mr. Stiehl attended the School of Fine Arts and Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. While attending, he employed a multidisciplinary approach to entertainment by combining traditional Fine Arts with new media content to create participatory theatrical experiences. These productions encompassed a wide range of media while pushing the envelope of traditional and non-traditional storytelling.
Mr. Stiehl has attracted a team of talented, experienced, creative entrepreneurs who share a similar vision. Collectively the team continues to write, direct, produce and represent projects for the Arts & Entertainment industry.

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